Death To False Seals

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Did You Steal My Fishy Ice Lolly?

You see, this is what happens when an intruder encroaches upon an elephant seal's domain. While you or I might frown upon the practice of keeping a gigantic seal harem, you cannot just go and steal another man's wooman, M'K?

So, imagine my displeasure at the discovery of a number of pretenders to the Real Seal Deal. While this little number appears largely innocent fun, there is a far worse presence lurking on the dark side of the web.

Now, reasonable people might consider that leopard prints are suitable only for Essex girls and Ford Focus drivers from Leeds. Not so this paean to leopard seals, which is a large tank on my lawn. Well Daddy's got a fire bomb, M'K?

Originally uploaded by Gringcorp.


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